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Salam dan Hallo...

- special dedication for Liza Razif -

:: With You ::

I need you boo...
I gotta see you boo
And there's hearts all over the world tonight
Said there's hearts all over the world tonight

Hey lil mama, ooh you're a stunner
Hot little figure, yes you a winner, and
I'm so glad to be yours
You're a class on your own
Ooh little cutie, when you talk to me
I swear the whole world stops
You're my sweetheart and
I'm so glad that you're mine
You are one of a kind, and
You mean to me what I mean to you
And together baby there is nothing we won't do

'cause if I got you
I don't need money
I don't need cars
Girl you're my heart

And oh, I'm into you and
Girl no one else with you
cause with every kiss and every hug
You make me fall in love
And now I know I can't be the only one
I bet there's hearts all over the world tonight
With the love of their life who feel
What I feel when I'm with you(5x)... girl
With you(5x).... Oh girl

I don't want nobody else
Without you there's no one left, and
You're like Jordans on Saturday
I gotta have you and I cannot wait now
Hey lil shawty, say you care for me
You know I care for you
You know that I will be true
You know that I won't lie
You know that I will try
Be your everything yeah

And I will never try
to get mad
'Cause you are my whole life
cause if you ever let me go
i would die
so i run from
I don't need another woman
I just need you or nothing
'Cause if I got that
Then I'll be straight
Baby you're the best part of my day

notes:sorry for the delayed birthday present.but still,better late than never rite?
>:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D<


iu rf said…
so romantiks lah...hehhe
:cahya schatz: said…
tup² mai seru nak romantik...2,3 tahun skali...hahaha...
CikTie said…
sesekali pun pun takpe... jangan tak langsung...suntikan kemesraan gitu!
:cahya schatz: said…
cik tie : huhuu..blajar dari yg pakar.. :P
Adrina Adi said…
sweet sgt... harap2 berkekalan hingga ke akhirat.. ameen.

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